Executive Mental
Health Program For

  • Agile decision-making
  • Increased ability to execute
  • More focus and improvement of your brain

Be a proactive manager

What do you want to be remembered for?

As an executive manager/CEO it is your responsibility to guide and lead your employees - no matter the current situation.

If you want to be the executive who provides a good mental health state for your employees

Change The Culture

Securing a good mental health state should be a natural part of the culture and the everyday life.

Be Proactive

Take the initiative and responsibility to make things happen and work towards your goals.

Increase the Mental High Performance

Increase the mental health of your employees and watch the work efficiency skyrocket.

The Program

Workshop 1

  • Meet your instructor online
  • Learn about how to increase the brain’s ability to execute
  • Learn about¬†how to reach peak performance¬†


  • Reflect about your current state

Workshop 2

  • Work with the behaviour you want to¬†change


  • Design and create your own process
  • Choose your theme
  • Training related to increasing your decision-making capacity

Workshop 3

  • Reflect about your action points and current learning state