Mental Health and Wellbeing for Executives with Passion

Are you ready to gain insight into how you can become better at executing on your everyday life?

I think there is a reason you are here!
This could be because you:

  • Want to gain insight into how to be more proactive in running your business.
  • Are ready to learn how to become a mentally more strong performer and executor through building and improving your mental health.
  • Would like to increase your work satisfaction and feel an energy surplus.
  • Feel like you could use tools in your everyday life that are able to improve and strengthen your company and private life.

Do you want my help?

What I can help you with:

  • Removing roadblocks on your company's way to be more effective and succesful.
  • Increasing your mental health as an executive and thereby the mental health state on the work place.
  • Providing specific tools and techniques on how to optimize your brain and mind.

Ian Hadden

My Journey

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Ian Hadden and I live in Dundee on the North East Coast of Scotland.

It is my wish through personal experience to help others in their journey to develop and increase mental ability and perfomance.

I came to this field following my own experience within the military and police service recognising that there is a gap in our understanding and the support that we are offered.

Following a career as a Royal Marines Commando and Police Officer, I taught Remote Area Trauma Life Support Globally and as a result of my experiences developed Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Experiencing first hand the battles and challenges that this condition brought has led me to understand how I may help others to improve and mantain their own mental health and wellbeing in the workplace as well as in their home life.

When I see that I am able to help people discover and understand how to improve their Mental Health and Work/Life balance I feel the greatest sense of satisfaction. Helping people to understand this proactive approach based on scientific standpoints is my greatest pleasure .

I have had a long and difficult journey but I now share my knowledge and experience to help others to lift themselves into improved Mental Health.

My Goals working with Mental Health are to:

Improve your

mental health

The single most powerful investment you can ever make in life is to invest in yourself. Being mentally strong provides leadership and effectiveness to your life.

Improve your business'

mental health

Improving your personal mental health improves the mental health of your business as well.

Improve your family's

mental health

Improving your personal mental health and thereby the mental health in your business improves the mental health of your family and circle of acquaintances.

What does this program include?


The theoretical fundament is established.


Focus on observing own behaviour and habits.


Action points related to behaviour and habits are defined.


Execution of personal action points and evaluation of these. New personal action points are made and team action points are defined.


Evaluation of personal action points og team action points. Organizational initiatives are made to improve the mental health.


Execution of personal and team action points.


The established knowledge and the gained skills are implemented in the remaining organisation.

Who is this program relevant to?

  • The program is relevant to executives with responsibility for the company that wants to take their mental health to a whole new level.
  • The program is relevant to those who are able to see that you can do more and be more effective if you have a better mental health state and therefore an energy surplus.
  • The program is relevant to CEO's who are generally interested in the mental health state and wellbeing in the work place.
  • The program is relevant to people who wants to proactively engage and develop together with likeminded companies on the same journey.

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