Science-Based Mental Health and Wellbeing Program for SME Management and Their Teams

Mental Health and Wellbeing for Executives with Passion

How to Gain Insight into Achieving Positive Mental Health in Your Work Place and Everyday Life?

I think there is a reason you are here!
This could be because you:

  • Are you and your teams ready to learn how to become more resilient to mental health issues?
  • Would you like to help your team leaders and their teams achieve better mental health?
  • Would you like the recognition for improving the mental health of your company teams?
  • Would you like your teams to resolve problems much quicker, using less energy?
  • Would you like to give them access to the tools that will help them achieve better mental health?
  • Learn how to change negative mental health mind-sets for more positive and beneficial ones?
  • Would you like to monitor progress using my scientific mental health mobile APP?

Do you want my help?

What I can help you with:

  • Removing roadblocks on your company's journey to be more effective and successful.
  • Increasing the resilience to negative mental health for team leaders and their teams.
  • Provide specific tools and techniques on how to optimize your brain and mind.
  • Provide scientific based mental health mobile APP for monitoring success
  • Improving the mental health mind-set of your management staff and their teams will improve the health of your business to achieve better success.

My Journey and Experience

Hi, my name is Sue Hayes, and I have always had a great interest and satisfaction working in the mental health sector.

I discovered my passion for working with mental health over 20 years ago when I trained and qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist. I’ve worked with many people over the years, helping them to overcome their stressors and anxieties and strengthen their ability to be more resilient to mental health issues.

I went on to open my successful Riverside Natural Health Complementary Health Centre in 2012. The aim was to open up and extend complementary health therapies for people to benefit from a better wellbeing and to use with other health conditions and problems.

What gives me the greatest satisfaction as a Corporate Mental Health Trainer and Facilitator working with mental health is to help:-

Improve and strengthen resilience to mental health issues.

Improve business mental health.

Improve corporate team mental health.

Improve family relationships.

I am very grateful to be where I am today, but from a personal and business point of view it has been a long journey of discovery.

I have therefore made my mental health program easy to follow and easy to access to make the journey for you a lot shorter, more practical and efficient. 

My Goals Working with Mental Health in Your Business are to:

Strengthen resilience to mental health issues for:


The single most powerful investment you can ever make in life is to invest in yourself. Being mentally strong provides leadership and effectiveness to your life.

Your family

Improving your personal mental health and thereby the mental health in your business improves the mental health of your family and circle of acquaintances.

Your team & Your business

Improving your personal mental health improves the mental health of your business as well.

Being mentally strong in your work and home life will lead to greater happiness.

What Does My Mental Health Program Include?


The theoretical fundament is established.


Focus on observing own behaviour and habits.


Action points related to behaviour and habits are defined.


Execution of personal action points and evaluation of these. New personal action points are made and team action points are defined.


Evaluation of personal action points og team action points. Organizational initiatives are made to improve the mental health.


Execution of personal and team action points.


The established knowledge and the gained skills are implemented in the remaining organisation.

Who is this program relevant to?

  • The program is relevant to HR and Staff Development responsibilities for the company who want to take their mental health to a whole new level.
  • The program is relevant to those who are able to see that they can do more and be more effective if they have a proactive approach to gaining better mental health for themselves and the teams within the company.
  • The program is relevant to forward thinking staff members and team leaders who are generally interested in positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • The program is relevant to people who want to proactively engage and develop together.

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